Blogging 101 – Are you ready to take action and move forward?

I AM! Here’s my first time, a new start, since I know nothing about blogging, navigating the blogiverse, or even setting up my blogsite. I taught myself to write at 4 yrs old and haven’t stopped since then. I have filled journals, notebooks, floppy discs, cd’s, emails, letters, my hand and even a coconut with writing. It is a way that I use to make sense of my experience and to translate it – connecting with others. It is also how I find clarity, opening up the circles of thought and feelings that chase each other around sometimes. As I write it down, it naturally unwinds and unfolds the path before me to see my way more clearly. It is how I start to transform my internal reality into something external and tangible.

Would you like to transform your reality? Transform Synergy is finding the unique combination of parts of us, our true selves, that creates something wholly new and amazing to transform our lives. Transformation Synergy is the name of my business and my passion. I’ve decided to thrive – how about you?


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