Dancing in the Re-spring

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

kids dancing in fountain

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Nietzche

And sometimes they look insane even when you can hear the music. I have a friend who dances this way – with passion and abandon. As he moves to the music (rockin’ out) he is entranced with the beat…head bobbing, staccato arms pumping, feet stomping…floating up then suddenly diving down like a kite on a windy beach. The music moves him – literally. I’ve watched him for years at big parties, clubs, weddings, any occasion where there’s music and room to dance. He dances what he feels and is blind to what others think or that they’re even watching him. He amazes me with his freedom of expression and I’m in awe of him. What does it feel like to dance like that?

You see, I love to dance because it lightens my heart, jazzes my pulse, and frees my body. That said, I’m a decent dancer not an inspired one. I decide it’s time to take it to another level punctuated by the wedding of a best friend in three months. I find a wonderful DVD by Gabrielle Roth where you “Sweat your Prayers”. I love it because it invites me to loosen up the tight patterns of my movements. I expand into making different shapes, different tempos and invite all parts of my body into the dance.

I start to feel the rhythms rippling through my muscles, caressing my bones, moving my body easily, unfolding through me. I notice that my neck ache and headache are gone when I finish my dance. It’s therapy for the body AND spirit. This freedom to be the music is wonderful! I admit, I’m still doing it in the safety of my back room by myself but it’s changing me, slowly opening me up and soaking into my muscle memory. I’ve accomplished my goal.

The day of the wedding arrives and I’m going with my insane dancing friend. Now, when I dance with him, the tightness of “dancing well” has melted away into an easy flow as I float on the swell of the music. I don’t think about anything – no worries about who I’m dancing with, who’s watching or what anyone’s thinking –as I enjoy the music moving through me.

As the celebration comes to an end, a stranger stops me on the way out and says, “I thoroughly enjoyed watching you dance tonight – you’re an amazing dancer!” I could hear the music after all and it’s good to be this kind of insane.


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