Fertile Sanctuary

light from the darkness

light from the darkness

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Free Association.”

I awoke this morning before the alarm normally goes off in my body – that sensation of floating up, being drawn to the surface by my lungs longing for a fresh breath of light. It was peaceful in the hush before the first yawn of the world awakening.

I would normally flop over to squeeze in the last hours of sleep. I’m one of those gotta-have-8-hours-sleep-a-night people or I’m on a slippery slope. However, I wondered in this time between the worlds of dark & light, being & doing, what would it be like if I changed my perspective, my pattern of interacting with the world and how I see myself? What if I embraced this as an opportunity, opening to what’s possible here in this special pause between endings and beginnings? Instead shutting out the world with my barrier of covers, I listen to the whispers in the dark.

It’s a transformative time of rich possibilities as I embrace my awakening instead of shoving it out of bed. I inhale the cold breath of a new day, stretching into the possibilities that I’ll choose to create. I imagine what kind of day I’d like to have and watch it unfold before me. I clear my vision, opening myself to the intention of a fulfilling day of purpose, joy and connection from the heart. A day where I’m inspired and follow my inspiration by shining my light, knowing that it’s enough and I’m enough just being here. That my gift to myself and the world is having the courage and grace to be me fully. I feel my perfection for nobody else can be me better than I can. And in that moment my magnificence shines because what another may judge as my “imperfections” are perfectly me and as unique as my fingerprint.

I yawn stretching into the possibilities of this day and feel an excited flutter in my heart at how my vision for this day will be colored by fulfillment. Outside the buzz and hum of the human world awakens, punctuated by the exclamations of joyful birdsong. I’m ready to enjoy this day, knowing I get to create my experience of it. It’s all about my perspective, the lens through which I view my world and opening my vision to see the light in the darkness. I’m empowered and all is right with the world in this fertile sanctuary.


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