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Do you like discovering new treasures or seeing a fresh new view of things? I’m curious, innovative and adventurous by nature and love seeing the new in the old and the miracle in the mundane – I love transformation. Most of my life I’ve seen the best in people and their essential core, their brilliance, who they truly are beneath all the should’s,  have-to’s and coping skills they’ve developed on the surface. It is my greatest joy to inspire and be inspired by people who embrace their gifts and purpose, finding their special synergy for fulfilling, empowered and thriving lives.  I invite you to explore this world with me.

I’m Linda Miki Dohemann, Certified Professional Coach and founder of Transformation Synergy.  I’ve facilitated clients locally, nationally and internationally for over 13 years to reach their highest potential to thrive. I am passionate about working with people in transition to help them unlock the benefits of change by focusing the energy breaking loose into a clear vision, inspired motivation and powerful goals that create sustainable success. I have pioneered an integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to support my clients, activating their potential to thrive in rich fulfilling lives.



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